♥ how long is forever?” ♥ Ref. NB#021

♥ Play the Moments ·· Pause the Memories □ Stop the Pain ◅◅ Rewind the Happiness.♥ Ref. NB#020

♥ Think outside the box ♥ Ref. NB#019

♥ Think outside the box ♥ Ref. #PT0127B

♥ Poster o meu nome… ♥ Ref. #PT0120

♥ Saudade: Só existe na língua portuguesa ♥ Ref. #PT0101

♥ Notebook “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs ♥ Ref. NB#008

Poster: “Do not count the days. Make the days count”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0090

♥Poster: “Insistir, persistir e nunca desistir…”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0088

♥ Notebook “Não há nada urgente que não possa esperar 15 dias” ♥ Ref. NB#005

♥ Notebook “when I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead” ♥ Ref. NB#006

♥Poster: “Do more what makes you happy”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0079

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