♥ceci n´est pas une moustache. Ref. #PT0005. ★ Em promoção★ 7€

♥Moustache Lover hearts. Ref. #PT0003. ★ Em promoção★ 7€

♥ Think outside the box ♥ Ref. #PT0127B

♥ Think outside the box ♥ Ref. #PT0127A

♥ “how long is forever?”… ♥ Ref. #PT0117

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” ♥ Ref. #PT0107

♥ Basta uma música para trazer de volta 1000 recordações! ♥ Ref. #PT0097

♥ Notebook “what goes around, comes around ♥ Ref. NB#009

“A melhor fotografia é aquela que os teus olhos tiram e não revelam”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0091

♥ Notebook “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs ♥ Ref. NB#008

Poster: “Do not count the days. Make the days count”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0090

Poster: “Dream without fear. Love without limits…”♥ 13€. ♥Ref. #PT0089

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